FracurePRM: Fundamental Approach for Scattered Waves Seismics

4DPRMTechnologies Team presents revolutionary approach for seismic exploration based on scattered waves – FracturePRM   approach which includes two methods:  the multi dimensinal spectral method  CSPD   and  full vectors decomposition method RTH. 

The  multi dimensinal spectral method  CSPD uses the technique of separating 2D/3D seismic data into reflected waves and scattered waves in spectral domain. The original separation idea, which is based on characteristic features of reflection and scattering, is the kernel of the CSPD method ( Common Scattering Point Dip).

The full vectors decomposition method RTH  based on the RTM approch and on the Vector  Domain Common Image Gathers (VDCIG)  approach. Method produces the  Diffractivity Image, Reflectivity Image, Impedance,  DIP, AVO,Open Angle,  Frequency, MVA  etc.

FracturePRM methods  of supercomputing seismic data processing based on a mathematical solution of dynamic inverse problems of geophysics   are the basis for the creation of a new type of exploration seismic - ” Scattered Waves Seismics”.

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