D 2D/3D – 2D/3D High Precision Reverse Time Datuming

RTD 2D/3D – High Precision Reverse Time Datuming software is designed for conversion of the acoustic wave  (both by receivers and by sources) from boundary z=0  to a certain down level  in a two or three dimensional medium. The software is based on the finite-difference approximation of the wave equation on  grids and uses the 2nd approximation order in time and the 12th one in dimensional variables. The velocity model and initial wave field may be arbitrary.

Program “Synthetic Data Modeling” of high-precision mathematical simulation of  acoustic wave field  for two or three dimensional (CSPD-SDM 2D/3D) arbitrarily inhomogeneous medium additionally included in the supplied software program RTD 2D/3D. Simulation program designed to test the accuracy of solving the inverse problem by the method CSPD.

Programs RTD 2D/3D and CSPD-SDM 2D/3D require specialized computer cluster the performance not less than 1.5 TFlops, 0.5 TB of RAM and 128 CPU. The program RTD 2D/3D is designed for 2D/3D CDP seismic data processing.

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