CSPD-RTD 2D/3D – 2D/3D CSPD Pre-Stack Depth Migration for Scattered Waves Seismic based on RTD and CSPD-PSTM software

CSPD-RTD is the combination of CSPD and RTD methods. CSPD method is very effective for mediums close to homogeneous. If one is looking for deep diffractors in a complicated medium, and the variable velocity above some depth z_0 is approximately known, then it is natural to continue the wave field downward to this depth. So, first, Reverse Time Datuming is applied to obtain the wave field at depth z_0. Then CSPD is applied.

Program “Synthetic Data Modeling” of high-precision mathematical simulation of  acoustic wave field  for two or three dimensional (CSPD-SDM 2D/3D) arbitrarily inhomogeneous medium additionally included in the supplied software program CSPD-RTD 2D/3D. Simulation programs designed to test the accuracy of solving the inverse problem by the method CSPD.

Programs CSPD-RTD 2D/3D and CSPD-SDM 2D/3D require specialized computer cluster the performance not less than 1.5 TFlops, 0.5 TB of RAM and 128 CPU. The program CSPD-RTD 2D/3D is designed for 2D/3D CDP seismic data processing.

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