Open Benchmark Project  “Model of West Siberia tight oil deposit”

Typical model for West Siberia tight-oil deposit is presented at Fig.1 The model was designed by M.Zverev and E. Tetenov at 2005.  Six сirculars inclusions  with diameters 20 meters (numbering of inclusions from left to right from #1 to #6 are introduced in the tight oil layer . Depth of tight oil layer is 2600 m. Background velocity in the tight oil layer is 3453 m/s.  Inclusions velocities are from 3000 m/s up to 3500 m/s (from left to right). Distance between inclusons is 5000 m.  Between and under inclusions #2 and #3 there exists natural fault.

The first circuler has the coordinat 3450 m. The last circuler – 33600 m. Source step is 50 m, receiive step – 50 m. The number of sources is 604. The left and right off-set id 2400 m.

The number od receiives is 97. Time samping is 2 ms. The registration time is 4 s.


Figure 1 Typical model for West Siberia  tight oil deposit with  inroduced six circular inclusions. Diffractors numders  #1 -#6  from left to right.


Figure 2 Result of convetional PSTM processing

Figure 3 Result of  CSPD processing

Figure 4 Result of  Diffraction VPRTM processing

Figure 5 Result of  AVO VPRTM processing. Poisson coefficient

Figure 6 Result of VPRTM processing for estimation dip values near the inclusions. From left to right: #1, #2, fault, #3

Figure 7 Result of  AVO VPRTM processing.  Fluid Factor

Data for benchmark processing :     SEG-Y Data, 460.4 Mb !