“CSPD-PSTM 2D/3D”:  Sale, Installation, Consulting, Maintenance and Support Software Servises

“CSPD-PSTM 2D/3D”  – The “CSPD Pre-Stack Time Migration 2D/3D” program

 The program is created for supporting  an exploration and development of hydrocarbon deposits with  fractured  reservoir. The program realizes  a new method for Seismic Waves Scattered –  Common Scattering Point Dip (CSPD). The CSPD method is based on the theory of inverse and ill-posed problems of mathematical geophysics and supercomputer calculations.


List of PRODUCTS to be Marketed under the name  “CSPD-PSTM 2D/3D”:
Module: License for using software “CSPD-PSTM 2D/3D”
Contents: Common Scattering Point Dip Pre-Stack Time Migration software for special processing 2D/3D CDP seismic data (single user, floating license, N cores/ CPUs).
Module: License for using software “CSPD-SDM 2D/3D”
Contents: Program “Synthetic Data Modeling” of high-precision mathematical simulation of  acoustic wave field  for two or three dimensional  arbitrarily inhomogeneous medium (single user, floating license, N cores/ CPUs). Simulation program  designed to test the accuracy of solving the inverse problem by the method CSPD.

Software Installation Services
Installation of “CSPD-PSTM 2D/3D”&“CSPD-SDM 2D/3D” Packages (2 days)
The CSPD-PSTM and CSPD-SDM 2D/3D programs need a specialized computer cluster with not less 1.5 Teraflops performance, 0.5 Terabyte mainframe memories and 128 CPU.

Software Consulting Services :
Consulting Services concerning the using “CSPD-PSTM 2D/3D”&“CSP-SDM 2D/3D” software (3 days)

Software Maintenance and Support Servises

“CSPD-PSTM 2D/3D”& “CSPD-SDM 2D/3D” software maintenance and support for 12 month services.

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