The main purpose of  PRM Technologies Team   is  to carry out the researches for the creation a methods for the two & three-dimensional seismic and microseismic  data processing, based on supercomputer technologies, to receipt of an information, contained in the scattered component of seismic waves.

The knowing of such  information makes it possible to carry out exploration and development of hydrocarbon deposits with non-traditional type of fractured reservoir in the new scientific and technological level. Methods of seismic data processing, based on supercomputer technologies,  are the basis for the creation of a new type of exploration seismic – ” Scattered Waves Seismic”. Such methods are based on a mathematical solutions of the dynamic inverse problems of geophysics

Members of our Team represent the different R&D organizations, including:

Картинки по запросу логотип бфу Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University Главная Oil and Gas Research Institute RAS
  JSC “Octopus” Картинки по запросу логотип МФТИ Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
 Картинки по запросу rngs  JSC “RNGS-group”  Картинки по запросу SMNG-center  JSC “SMNG-center”