4DPRM Technologies Team presents the new fundamental Approach for the procpecting  and development  natural and artificial fractures.  The  Approach is called Four Dimensional Permanent Reservoir Monitoring  Approach (4DPRM Approach).

The  4DPRM Approach includes two  types of seismic 4DPRM methods:  4D active seismic  methods and  4D passive microseismic  methods.

logofrFirst suite the 4DPRM  active seismic methods performs the  mapping of the pre-existing or natural fractures, based on the imaging of Diffractivity Image, Reflectivity Image, Impedance,  DIP, AVO,Open Angle,  Frequency, MVA  etc . This suite of methods is called FracturePRM and includes the multi dimensinal spectral method  CSPD   and  full vectors decomposition method RTH. 

logomsrSecond suite the 4D passive microseismic  methods  uses the induced seismicity and performs the mapping   of artificial fractures. This suite of methods is called MicroSeismicPRM (MSPRM) and includes  method for Short-Time monitoring   ST-MSPRM (Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing) and method for Long-Time monitoring  LT- MSPRM 

 ( Waterflooding, Estimation of  Drainage Area,  Underground Gas Storage)  

4DPRM Approach is the basis for realyzing  a Grand Challenge Project:    Smart Oil Field Project   which  is designed to optimize the cost of the development the  hydrocarbon fields .

The Smart Oil Field Project based on the:

  • High-density Acquisition Systems
  • 4DPRM-methods
  • Supercomputing Processing 
  • Simultaneous Joint Inversion