Microseismic monitoring services on the basis of MicroSeismicPRM
include both registration of microseismic data and  processing:

  • Array design and installation of acquisition system
  • Registration of the noise and perforation shots (calibration)
  • Surface registration of microseismic data caused by microseismic events
  • Preliminary data processing
  • Solution of the kinematic and dynamic parts of SMTIP
  • Interpretation of the results

List of problems solved by MicroSeimicPRM method: 

  • Monitoring of multistage hydraulic fracturing
  • Control of waterflooding
  • Estimation of ports productivity after multistage hydraulic fracturing
  • Estimation of area of oil sources of deposits (drainage area)
  • Oilfield fault-block structure mapping
  • Integrated interpretation of the natural fracture zones and the results of long-term passive microseismic monitoring

For more details see MicroSeimicPRM